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Adrenal Manager v1.32 Adrenal Manager v1.32 HOT

Adrenal Manager is a powerful graphical filemanager for MS-DOS and Windows 95.  Adrenal Manager is multi-functional, compact and small: physical size of the whole package is only 540KB!  Adrenal Manager will run on any IBM-PC compatible personal computer with SVGA display, mouse and about 3MB of RAM.  It also works with other compatible systems that can execute MS-DOS programs with full screen SVGA and has FAT or FAT32 compatible file system.

Adrenal Manager is very easy to install; actually you don't have to install it at all! Just copy it and its configuration file and data files to any place on your hard drive and you are ready to run Adrenal Manager.  It can be executed even without properly configured .CFG file. Adrenal Manager doesn't write anything you don't want to any logical device, so it is easy to move or remove.


System DOS
Size359.84 KB
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Created bymhoney