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zip.png Adrenal Manager v1.32 HOT

Adrenal Manager is a powerful graphical filemanager for MS-DOS and Windows 95.  Adrenal Manager is multi-functional, compact and small: physical size of the whole package is only 540KB!  Adrenal Manager will run on any IBM-PC compatible personal computer with SVGA display, mouse and about 3MB of RAM.  It also works with other compatible systems that can execute MS-DOS programs with full screen SVGA and has FAT or FAT32 compatible file system.

Website Website externalDate 17-05-20 Language  English System  DOS File Size 359.84 KB Download 271.00 Download
zip.png DOS Navigator 1.51 HOT

Excellent Norton Commander clone with many more features and a lot more power!  Here's a link to the official website which has add-ons and source code available.

* DOS Navigator Review

Date 10-04-20 Language  English System  DOS File Size 767.84 KB Download 276.00 Download
zip.png File Wizard 1.35 HOT

File Wizard 1.35 by Gulyas Antal Denes is a File manager for DOS/Windows. LFN & mouse support, drag and drop, read archives, integrated text editor, CD player, much more.

This archive includes both packed and un-packed executable versions.  Also included is the source code.

Date 16-05-20 Language  English System  DOS File Size 1.04 MB Download 298.00 Download